Friday, April 27, 2012

Grandpa , i miss you so much :'(

 Assalamualaikum dan bismillahirahmanirrahim~

I still remember that day ....Friday,February 2012.You had gone and left us behind without any warning.No pain,no complaint of anything.Although we were glad because it was pleasant departing for you as it couldnt be any easier,we couldnt belive it when Abang Fahmie rang me and said that you were not here anymore.''Where had he gone?'' was my response when he told me that you were gone.Even now,when I heard the front door opening and the sound of motorcycle , I thought it was you coming back from your office at Raub,Pahang.

You had taught us to love 'ilm' or knowledge.You reminded us from time to time that it is very subtantial that each and eveyone of us should always strive for success and to endevour in whatever we do.We were constantly enlightened by your childhood quest for knowledge .You had a rough and tough time in obtaining wisdom when you were a little boy.It was made worse by your parent's unawarness and inattentiveness for the virtues of understanding the world around us.You had to find the precious and wonderful reading moments when you were asked to look after your palm oil tree.Your love and pursuit for knowledge were never ending.You were always holding a book or 'kitab' in your hand.Seeing you curling up with a book was a normal sight for us,your kids and grandchild.

When we were already adults(certain married and still studying) we still share our concerns with you and grandma.We always found the time to tell you all about our daily activities.Although other grandparents might feel that what we were telling you trivial things and thus,insignnificant.You and grandma provided us with great opportunity to share our private thoughts.You were always smilling,sitting beside me and were always ready to lend your ears.You constantly reminded us that we should always eat together,pray together and spend our free time as a family.

You had never asked anything from us for yourself.Everything you did was for our benefit.I wish i could give you everything in this world to make you and grandma happy.But now,you were gone,we can only pray to God to keep you under His care and put you among His pious and faithful men,InsyaAllah.Although you had left us for almost 2 months now,we still feel as though you are still around.The memories of you will remain with us forever and we will treassure them till we are.You're always on our minds and in our hearts.We love you so much.


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