Monday, February 11, 2013

finally..i accept it.

assalamualaikum muslims!

hve a nice day fr today? i hope all of you hd a very lovely and nice day fr today. insyaAllah

sometimes i do feel sad with this test. test from Allah.
but i hve to redha. maybe there're hikmahs behind it.
so let we say Alhamdullilah fr every test from Allah.

sometimes also i kept denied fr what had happened. why me?
im keep asking fr what had happened. cant accept the fact and fate.
what sins that i've done. did Allah hate me? why Allah doesn't hear my Dua's.
astaghfirullah..keep istighfar mar.


when we think positively why Allah gives us tests..dont we think that he loves and misses us?
Dia rindu dgn rintihan setiap hambaNya,sahabat :')
kalau kita ada family,kawan2.kita akan mengadu kepada mereka.
what about ppl who doesn't hve any family or friends? mana tempat nk mengadu.
Allah jugak kan? mana-mana kita tetap akn cari Allah.

sebab Allah tuhan kita kita. pemilik sekalian alam.
ujian Allah,tanda sayang.
turn back to Allah.
ask Allah fr the strength and iman to face things and move on.

Allah juga menurunkan ujian tidaklah melainkan utk melihat kita gembira di sana.
di syurgaNya.
bersyukur dgn setiap ujian yg diberi.
mohon kekuatan dan ketenangan.
hve faith in Him.

bila ada masalah,mengadu pada Yang Esa. insyaAllah jiwa tenang :)

and same goes to me. here is my story.
i also hve to accept that. he's gone.
may Allah bless him and his choice.
everythings happen fr reason.
yes..finally i accept it with an opened heart.

dear heart.its okay. Allah knows what we don't know.
Redha and be grateful. Allah shall grant us more.
that's the best that Allah hd arranged fr us.
believe in Allah,he knows The Best.
miracle does happen. it does.

keep smile and move on.
pray. bcause Allah always listens.


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